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Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Jun 1, 2022

Stephanie Wong and Lorin Price welcome guests Zach Seils and Manasa Chalasani to talk about networking and the newly released Network Analyzer. Google Cloud’s Network Intelligence Center is described as a one-stop shop that simplifies network monitoring, troubleshooting, workload expansion, security, and more. Manasa tells us about the four modules of Network Intelligence Center and how they work together.

As part of Network Intelligence Center, the new Network Analyzer monitors and proactively runs tests and detects issues on the network automatically, taking the guesswork out of network troubleshooting. Network Analyzer checks the entire network ecosystem, finding any connectivity issues and extrapolating them to other similar situations as well. Zach tells us more about the specific features of Analyzer, like its ability to check for overlapping or shadowed routes and validating network configurations in relation to any managed services being used.

Zach walks us through the set up of Network Analyzer and how to navigate results. Manasa expands on the development of Network Analyzer, including how customer feedback really shaped the project, and we hear about challenges along the way. Through examples, Zach describes different types of Analyzer customers and how they’re using the product. More analyzers will be available soon, and the team is open to suggestions for future projects.

Zach Seils

Zach Seils is a Networking Specialist with Google Cloud, where he works with customers to accelerate their adoption of cloud networking.

Manasa Chalasani

Manasa is a Product Manager on the Google Cloud Networking team with a focus on network observability.

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What’s something cool you’re working on?

Lorin is working on a new video series called Concepts of Networking on the Networking End to End Playlist


Stephanie Wong and Lorin Price